When you click the Box Office tab, you’ll see the FOH dashboard which shows you:

  • The performance date and time for which you’re running FOH (click Change to select a different performance)
  • The “true capacity” of the house for this performance
  • The number of advance tickets sold for this performance
  • The number of walkup tickets sold for this performance (sold at the box office the day of the show)
  • The number of seats still available (true capacity less advance sales less walkup sales)

Each time you check-in an advance-reservation customer or make a walkup sale, these totals are redisplayed.

From the FOH dashboard you can:

  • Sell walkup tickets (day of show, sold at box office), including a walkup-sales report when the box office closes

  • Check in advance reservations (will call). As you sell walkup tickets and check-in customers electronically, Audience1st tells you how many will-call customers you’re still waiting on, and how many walkup seats are still available to be sold.