To add a new show (production), click the Season tab and then “Add New Show”. (It doesn’t matter what season is currently shown when you click “Add New Show”; a new show’s season is automatically set based on its opening and closing dates.)

Fill in the information about the new show; you can hover over the question-mark icons for information about what each field represents. Click “Create” when done, or “Don’t Create” to cancel the operation.

Once a show has been created, it will appear in the list when you click the Season tab. (Note: Keep in mind that if it’s currently 2016 and you are adding shows with run dates in the 2017 season, in order to see them in the list you will have to select 2017 from the “Listing shows for season:” dropdown menu.)

Click on “[Link]” next to the name of an existing show to get a popup window showing a link that takes the customer directly to a purchase page pre-populated for that show. You can copy and paste this link onto your theater’s website or into an announcement email.

You can click on an existing show’s name to modify any of the information you added. Continue this process until all shows are added.

Adding Show Dates (Performances) to Each Show

Click on the name of a show to see its details, including its list of performance dates at the bottom of the page. To add new performance dates, click “Add a Performance” and fill in the recurring information; for example, you might first add all the Friday and Saturday evening performances, then click “Save & Add More Dates”, then add all the Sunday matinees. Continue adding performances until all the performances for this show have been added. It doesn’t matter in what order you add them, as they’ll always be listed in date order.