If you’re logged in as any kind of admin (i.e. Staff or higher privilege), under the main navigation “tabs” is a yellow ribbon whose top line says something like “Customer: Armando Fox” and which contains several search boxes. This is the customer navigation bar (“customer navbar”), which only admins can see.

There are two ways to search for a customer. The “Quick search first or last name” will auto-complete possible customer matches as you type, but it will only match substrings in the customer’s first or last name. “Search any field” will find all matching customers by searching their name, address, comments, zip code, phone number, etc.

You can also browse the entire list of customers by clicking “All” in the customer navbar, and click on a customer to select them.

Manually Adding a New Customer

Click “New…” in the customer navbar to manually enter information for a new customer. Note that the first time they login they will have to use the “Forgot password” feature to set a password for themselves, and this is only possible if you include a correct email address when entering the new customer info.

The Current Customer and Ticket Actions

No matter how you look up a customer, once you select them they become the “Current Customer”, and their name now appears next to “Customer” in the customer navbar.

You are now acting on behalf of the current customer: the buttons “Add Comps”, “Orders”, “Transfer”, and so on apply to the current customer’s account. In addition, if you click the nav tabs “Buy Tickets”, “My Tickets”, “Contact Info”, and so on, you will be acting as that customer as if they themselves were logged in.

Most operations you do on a customer’s behalf – buying tickets for them, helping them with a reservation, entering or changing their contact info – require that you first make that customer the Current Customer. There are three ways to do this: Browsing the customer list, searching for a specific customer, or creating a new customer record.