Audience1st users with the Box Office role or higher can cancel a patron’s ticket purchase and issue a refund. Audience1st calls this “cancelling an order.” Note that cancelling an order is very different from cancelling a reservation. Cancelling an order refunds the original purchase price to the patron, while cancelling a reservation simply releases the seats (or general admission entry) and leaves the voucher open in the patron’s account so they can re-reserve for a different date or different seats.

To cancel an order, find the customer using the customer search box. Click the Orders button in the yellow box to view all of the patron’s orders in reverse chronological order. Click the down-arrow to the left of the appropriate order in order to display all of the order’s line items. Alternatively, you may click the Expand All button to show details for all orders.

Check the box to the left of each item you wish to refund. If you want to cancel and refund the entire order, then check all of the boxes on the order. Click the Refund Checked Items button to cancel the specified items and issue a refund.

Cancelled items will remain in the order indefinitely, but will show as cancelled. If the item was a ticket to a performance, the reservation will be cancelled and the seat released.

If the order was originally paid by credit card, a refund will be issued to the same credit card. If the order was originally paid by cash or check, a message will appear directing staff to issue the appropriate refund.