For various reasons, you may need to immediately “turn off” all further sales or reservations for a performance.

The quickest way to do this is to go to Season tab and select the production, and click on the date of the desired performance, which brings up a screen to edit the details of that performance.

Set the “Max advance sales” field to zero, and confirm the dialog warning you that this will effectively stop all sales.

Optional but recommended: you can also cause the show date to indicate “(Cancelled)” in the dropdown menu of performance dates visible when a patron is buying or making a reservation for that production. To do this, you can put “Cancelled” (or “Rescheduled”, or whatever is appropriate) in the “Description (optional)” field on this same screen.

Finally, Save Changes.

Note: If you only want to stop certain types of tickets from being used for advance sales, on the show’s main page, rather than clicking on the performance date, click on the triangle to the left of the performance date. This will reveal all ticket redemptions valid for that performance. You can click on any of these to change the advance sales limits, or you can also stop advance sales on any ticket type by setting its “End sales date” to a date in the past.