Manually Record Mailed-In or In-Person Donations

You can manually record a donation that is mailed or handed over at the box office, whether cash, check or credit card.

Find or add (switch to) the customer who mailed in or submits the donation. Under the yellow customer navbar, click “Record Donation…” and fill in the amount, date, and account code for the donation. For credit card donations, clicking the “Credit Card” button will bring up a form for entering card details.

Accept Donations Online

A URL of the form, where XXXX is an Account Code string, will land the patron on a “donate by credit card” page such that the donation will be credited to the corresponding Account Code.

If XXXX does not correspond to any existing Account Code, the default Account Code for donations (see First-Time Setup) will be used.

If this page is viewed in Admin mode, a cash or check donation can be recorded to the specific fund. If viewed by a regular patron, the only way to donate is via credit card.

Accept Donations With Ticket Purchases

The regular ticket/subscription sales flow includes an option to add a donation to credit-card self-purchases. You can control which account code receives such donations

Editing Donations After the Fact

Any donation, whether self-made by a patron or entered by staff, can be edited later (for example, to add a comment about how to use it, or to properly backdate a donation that was entered many days after the check was dropped off). See donation reporting to look up and edit specific donations.