Account Codes

Account Codes are arbitrary strings used in your internal financial reporting system; for example, QuickBooks Online uses 4-digit numbers to code accounts.

An Account Code can be attached to tickets and subscriptions, donations, retail-sale items, and nonticket purchases (e.g. exchange fees). The revenue reporting breaks out subtotals by account code.

Account Codes can be changed retroactively: if you change a particular ticket type’s account code, future financial reports will honor the new account code. In other words, account codes don’t affect how revenue is tallied internally, but they are “carried around” and used for subtotaling to make your reporting easier.

There is always at least one Default Account Code, which cannot be deleted but can be changed. That is, at least one Account Code must always exist.

There are various ways to access the Add/Edit Account Codes screen:

  1. Click the Donations tab, and look for the Add/Edit Account Codes button next to the Search button.

  2. While creating or editing any voucher type, one of the attributes of a voucher type is what account code should receive revenue from its sales. Next to the dropdown menu for selecting the appropriate account code is a button to Add/Edit Account Codes.

  3. When logged in as the site administrator, choose the Options tab and scroll down to the Add/Edit Account Codes button.