From the FOH Dashboard, if you click Reservation Checkin, you’ll see a list of all customers with advance tickets for this performance, in alphabetical order. Customers highlighted in green are Subscribers.

As you sell walkup tickets and check-in customers electronically, this page is updated to tell you how many will-call customers you’re still waiting on, and how many seats are still available to be sold.

For General Admission performances:

To check-in all or part of a party, click on the appropriate number next to that customer’s name. For example, if 3 people out of a party of 4 for Jason Mahoney have arrived, click the number 3 next to Jason Mahoney’s name to check in 3 people. You can “un-check-in” an entire party by clicking the X next to the customer’s name.

For Reserved Seating performances:

Click on a seat number to check in that specific seat. For example, if Jason Mahoney’s party of 4 has seats D1, D2, D3, D4, and 3 people have arrived, you might click on D1, D2, and D3 to check in those specific seats. You can “un-check-in” an entire party by clicking the X next to the customer’s name.

No Internet? Prefer to check customers in manually?

If you prefer to check customers in manually, you can instead click Printable Door List from the FOH Dashboard. Using a printable list sacrifices the convenience of the automatic counters, but allows you to run FOH in a box office with no Internet access.