There are two ways to set up a link from your theater’s main site to accept donations directly via Audience1st.

NOTE: If you’ve been using another service such as PayPal for accepting credit card donations, consider switching to receiving these donations through Audience1st instead. This way, donations will be properly recorded, account-coded, and associated with the correct customer (if they have ever bought tickets from you via Audience1st before), and will show up automatically in financial reports from Audience1st.

A link to takes the patron to a “quick donate” page where they can make a credit card donation without logging in or having an account. Donations go to the default donation fund specified at setup time.

A link to takes the patron to a page coded to donate to the fund whose account code is NNNN, for specific fundraising campaigns. For example, if you have a fund coded 83956 for a particular project, will go to a page that accepts donations that will be coded to that fund.