Perhaps you need to communicate with all patrons who have seen/have reserved for (or have not seen/have not reserved for) a particular production, or even for a specific performance–for marketing purposes, to deal with a cancelled or rescheduled performance, and so on.

Under the Reports tab, the “Customer Lists” dropdown menu includes two reports that help with this task. In all Customer List reports, you have four options for how to show results:

  1. Display on screen, in a list format similar to that used when searching for a customer.

  2. Estimate number of customers matching your criteria, but don’t display them. This can help you refine the report criteria.

  3. Download an Excel-compatible spreadsheet, which you might use for further data mining, to setup a mail-merge, and so on.

  4. Export the list to MailChimp so you can send an email to all affected patrons. That is the option covered in this article.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Reports tab, and in the Customer Lists section, select either “Attendance by show” (you’ll filter based by who has seen or not seen a particular production, regardless of which performance date) or “Attendance at specific performances” of one particular production (you’ll select the show and date).
  2. Under Report Filtering Options, check “Require valid email address”.

  3. If you want to do separate email notifications to subscribers and non-subscribers with separate instructions rather than a single email with two sets of instructions, under Report Filtering Options use the dropdown menu to select subscribers or non-subscribers as appropriate, and repeat the process again later.

  4. Under What To Do With the Results, select Create New Sublist, and pick a descriptive name such as “Performance XYZ cancellation notice.”

  5. Click “Run Report.”

  6. Log in to your venue’s MailChimp account and you will see a new Static List Segment with the name you chose. You can now compose a message and send it just to that group.