Every dollar of earned revenue (i.e. ticket sales) and unearned revenue (i.e. donations) is credited to some Account Code. You can think of account codes as fund numbers; for example, if you use external software such as QuickBooks to do your accounting, you can create account codes that match the numerical codes QuickBooks typically uses.

Audience1st always comes with one “default” account code for the General Fund. You can add your own account codes and you can delete the default one, but you can never delete the only account code. Adding and editing account codes is available from most screens where you must provide an account code in order to do something.

In a transaction detail report, each individual item sold is shown, grouped by payment type (credit card, cash, etc.), production, and account code.

If you run the report by selecting a date range of up to 3 months, it will include all transactions (ticket purchases, donations, nonticket/retail item purchases, etc.) in that date range.

If you run the report by limiting to a specific production, it will include only ticket sales related to that production, not any donations or nonticket purchases.

The report can either be displayed on the screen or downloaded as an Excel-style (CSV or comma-separated values) file for further processing.