Ticket Sales

To see advance sales for one or more productions, under the Reports tab select the production(s) to report on (use control-click on Windows or command-click on Mac to select multiple performances). When the report is displayed, you can click on individual performances to reveal a detailed breakdown of sales by ticket type.

Subscription and Other Orders Needing Fulfillment

Subscription Counts, displayed at the bottom of the Reports main screen, tell you how many Subscriptions you’ve sold each season and of what types.

Most theaters fulfill subscriptions by mail, sending out a nice brochure and thank-you letter. When you create subscription packages and vouchers, you can mark the “Needs mail fulfillment” property on the voucher, and at any time you can use this report to get a list of all the orders that require something to be mailed out to the customer.

As you stuff each envelope, click Mark Fulfilled next to the customer’s name. Audience1st will record the date, time, and who was logged in to fulfill this order, and the order won’t show up as needing mail fulfillment anymore.