There are five basic categories of reports, all available from the Reports tab in the navbar (you must have Staff access or higher to run reports).

  1. Ticket Sales Reports tell you how many tickets and of what types have been sold for a given production or performance, including sales of subscriptions that require fulfillment by mail.

  2. Accounting/Financial reports categorize your income and expenses by production, by account code (see below), and by payment method (credit card, check, etc.)

  3. Customer Lists let you search for customers based on criteria such as which shows they’ve attended, what their zip code is, whether they’ve donated recently, and so on. The results of these queries can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets (e.g. for printing mailing labels) or can be sent to an Email Marketing Platform such as MailChimp or ConstantContact.

  4. Orders Needing Fulfillment generates a list of mailing-label-friendly names and addresses for customers who have placed orders requiring mail fulfillment. When a voucher or other saleable item is set up, one of the options is “Requires mail fulfillment”; any orders including such products will show up on this list.