Click “Billing/Contact” to see or modify the customer’s contact information (mailing address, email, etc.) You can make changes and click Save to update the customer’s contact info.

Contact info also includes “opt out of US mail” and “opt out of email”. This setting affects customer report generation, i.e. when you generate a list of customers for a marketing email, customers who have opted out of email will be excluded. This function is necessary to remain compliant with CAN-SPAM and similar legislation; it cannot be disabled.

A framed set of fields labeled “Administrator Preferences” displays customer information that only admins can see and change, including:

  • Privilege level lets you turn an existing patron into an admin (perhaps they are volunteering in the box office or back office). To add new staff members, make sure they exist as a regular customer, then use this screen to escalate their privilege.

  • Labels lets you create labels of your own choosing to “tag” customers with; for example, “Potential donor”, “Advisory board member”, “Community leader”, etc. A customer can be associated with as many labels as you want. Click “Create new label names” to create labels. The Reports feature lets you search for customers having specific labels.

  • Staff comments lets you enter private comments about this customer that only admins can see.

  • Extra contact info lets you associate additional contact information with this customer, such as the name of their business, alternate phone number, best way to contact them, and so on. Customers cannot access this information.

The “Do not email customer a confirmation of these changes” box is checked by default. If you un-check it, then when you click “Save” to save changes to this customer, a summary email will be sent to them (if they have a valid email address) indicating the changes. (Changes to admin-only-visible fields, such as Staff Comments or customer privilege level, will not be indicated in this confirmation email.)