Changing a Patron’s Tickets or Reservations

When you create a voucher type for a regular single ticket, a comp, or a part of a bundle, you control whether patrons can make changes to their own bookings. On the New Voucher Type and Make Changes to Voucher Type screens, there is a check box labeled “Self-change allowed”. Checking this box will allow patrons to make their own changes, while leaving the box unchecked will mean that patrons cannot change their booking once they purchase a single ticket or change their reservation once they allocate a comp or a ticket in a subscription bundle.

Many theaters choose to check the “Self-change allowed” box on voucher types that are part of a subscription bundle and leave the box unchecked for single tickets. The idea is that subscribers get the added benefit of being able to change their reservations while single ticket buyers cannot.

In the event that a patron has a voucher type that they cannot change, box office staff can always make changes for the patron by acting on their behalf. Suppose a patron purchased a single ticket that had a policy of no exchanges (“self-change allowed” was unchecked) but the patron had a really good explanation for needing the exchange. Theater staff can easily make the change for the patron.

To change a patron’s single ticket booking, comp booking, or subscription reservation, simply search for the patron and act on their behalf as explained in this article. Then, on the patron’s My Tickets page, find the booking in question and click the Cancel button next to it. Note that this button cancels the reservation and leaves the patron with an open voucher; it does not cancel and refund the original purchase. Canceling and refunding orders is explained in this article. The patron will now have an open voucher which you can immediately book into a specific performance or leave open for the patron to rebook themselves.

Some theaters allow patrons to change their single tickets by paying an exchange fee. To offer this service to your patrons, create a voucher type in the Nonticket Product category. You may then sell this voucher type to the patron in order to collect their exchange fee and then perform the exchange for them.

Note that to change a patron’s seats for a performance that uses reserved seating you must cancel the patron’s booking and then rebook them with the new seats. The above procedure may also be used to move a patron to different seats at the same performance.