Password Warnings

If a patron reports that they were advised to change their password while logging into Audience1st or making a purchase, it is important to understand that Chrome, Safari, and other web browsers now check passwords people enter on websites against a public database of known passwords that have been revealed during data breaches and hacks. This can lead to somewhat alarming popup messages like the ones shown here.

These messages are not generated by Audience1st or in response to anything Audience1st has done. If a patron has a really strong password and they see this message from their browser, then it probably means that some site where they used this password got hacked and their password got exposed. In that case they should change their password everywhere they used the revealed password. But more commonly the case is that the patron had a simple password like “password” that is used by lots of people. In this case, this message just means that somebody somewhere who uses that same password got their password exposed in a data breach.

A patron can change their Audience1st password by clicking on the “Reset password by email” link on the login page, or by logging into Audience1st with their current password and clicking on the Change Password tab. Box office managers can also change a patron’s password for them by selecting the patron in the Customer Search box and then clicking on the Change Password tab.