Discount Codes

Discount codes allow you to offer special tickets (typically lower in price) to patrons who have received a specific promotion. When a patron goes to buy tickets, they will enter the discount code in the provided field and click the Redeem button to reveal the special tickets that are part of the promotion.

When you associate a voucher type with a performance during show set up, you can specify one or more discount codes (also called promo codes or redemption codes) on the redemption. Note that a discount code doesn’t apply to a voucher type per se – but rather it applies to a voucher type and a particular performance. So the same voucher type might not need a discount code (or might use a different discount code) when associated with a different performance.

Specify discount codes when creating or changing an existing redemption. You may specify multiple codes by separating them with commas. You can also limit the number of tickets of this type sold for each performance in order to limit the impact of the promotion on average revenue per seat.

Audience1st tracks the use of discount codes and provides this information in sales reports. Because you can enter multiple discount codes on one redemption, you can compare the effectiveness of different sales or advertising channels by giving each a different discount code and comparing how many sales each channel generates.

You can quickly see which discount codes are active for a show by clicking on the Season tab, clicking on the show, and then clicking on the Expand All button. Under each performance of the show you will see a list of voucher types accepted at that performance. Voucher types that require a discount code will display the discount code in parentheses next to the voucher type’s name.

Remember that discount codes are assigned to a redemption (the link between one performance and one voucher type that is accepted at that performance) and not to the voucher type itself. Suppose you have a voucher type called “Reserved – half price” and this voucher type is accepted at the Tuesday performance if the patron enters the discount code “halfhalf”. Now suppose you decide later that you also want to offer this same promotion at the Wednesday performance. When creating the new redemption for Wednesday, be sure to enter the discount code (it could be the same as Tuesday’s or different). If you add the redemption for the Wednesday performance but do not enter a discount code during the set up, then patrons will be able to buy “Reserved – half price” tickets for Wednesday without entering a discount code. In other words, the promotion will be available to everyone.

Theater staff do not need to enter a discount code in order to sell a ticket that has a discount code specified on the redemption. Theater staff can also sell a ticket if the specified limit on sales per performance has already been reached.