Deleting Accounts

To delete an account, use the search field in the user navigation area to search for the desired account. Do not navigate to the user by choosing their name in the auto-complete list. Instead, press the Enter key to perform the search. A summary listing will appear that shows all user profiles that match the search text you entered.

Click the checkbox to the left of the account you wish to delete and then click the Forget button. This operation cannot be undone, so think carefully before clicking the Forget button.

Clicking the Forget button causes two things to happen:

  • The user’s name and contact information are permanently removed from the system.
  • Any purchases, donations, or other transactions made by the deleted user are transferred to the “Anonymous User”, a special fictional user named “ANONYMOUS”, so that the books still balance and reports continue to be consistent. If Alice Johnson donated $1,000 and then you “Forget” her account, for example, the $1,000 donation will now be credited to the anonymous user instead. And if Alice Johnson had bought tickets to opening night of a show, then those tickets will likewise now be held in the anonymous user.