Account Codes

Account codes are arbitrary strings of digits or letters used in your internal financial reporting system. For example, QuickBooks Online uses four-digit numbers to code accounts.

An account code is attached to every voucher type with a price (single tickets, subscriptions, and nonticket purchases such as exchange fees or concessions). Account codes are also attached to all donations.

The revenue reporting breaks out subtotals by account code. This allows you to use multiple account codes in order to gain more insight into your theater’s operations. For example, you could use one account code for adult tickets and a different account code for senior tickets in order to get an understanding of how much revenue comes from adult ticket sales versus senior ticket sales.

Account codes can be changed retroactively. If you change a particular voucher type’s account code, future financial reports will use the new account code both for transactions completed before and after the voucher type’s account code was changed. In other words, account codes don’t affect how revenue is tallied internally, but they are “carried around” and used for subtotaling to make your reporting easier.

The Audience1st system for your theater starts out with one default account code 0000 representing a “General fund”. You can edit this account code or leave it be and create additional account codes as desired.

Use the Account Codes page to review, add, edit, and delete account codes as needed. There are multiple ways to get to the Account Codes page, but perhaps the easiest is to click on the Vouchers tab, click the “New Voucher Type” button at the bottom of the page, and then click on the “Add/Edit Account Codes” button. It is not necessary to create a new voucher type; you simply use the New Voucher Type page as a way to access the Account Codes page.

You can add as many account codes as you wish, as long as each has a unique code. You cannot delete an account code that is referenced by any voucher types, donations, or default settings on the Options tab. In practice, account codes are typically only deleted if created by mistake.