First Time Setup

The initial deployment of Audience1st contains a single administrative user whose login is and password admin.

  1. The first thing you should do is log in as this user and edit the user name and information to match whoever the box office manager or operations manager is. The Admin privilege is the highest privilege and can do anything, so set a good password. Make sure you are able to receive email at the address you give for this user, in case you need to use the “Forgot Password” mechanism later to reset your password by email.
  2. While still logged in as admin, click the Options tab in the main navigation bar to set up site-wide options including venue information.
    Some of it is necessary before patrons can buy tickets. (Whoever deployed the site for you should have taken care of the necessary steps to connect Audience1st to Stripe for payment processing and to Mailchimp or ConstantContact for sending marketing emails.)

  1. Next, create user profiles for additional staff (box office, phone orders, front of house staff, anyone who will need some level of administrative access). To create a user, click the “Add New…” button to the right of the customer search box. This creates the user as a patron. To change the user’s privilege to Staff, Admin, or any other level, click the “Billing/Contact” tab and change the Role setting as appropriate. A user with Admin privilege can change any other user’s privilege level at any time.
  2. To import existing customer data from an Excel spreadsheet or another system, contact Audience1st staff for assistance.