Show Calendar

You can display a month-at-a-time, week-at-a-time, or other calendar view on your WordPress-based website by using any WordPress plugin that can load and display a calendar feed in “ICS” or “iCalendar” format.

We recommend the ICS Calendar WordPress plugin from Room34 Designs. It is free to install and use, or you can upgrade to the pro version that has additional features. The free version is sufficient for use with Audience1st; it displays events from one or more feeds, but does not allow you to manually create events (for example, a party or fundraiser that is not also listed as an event in Audience1st).

Another WordPress plugin, “The Events Calendar” from Modern Tribe, allows you to both create events manually and import events from an external source such as Audience1st. However, you must pay for the pro version (about $90/year) for the ability to import.

Using the ICS Calendar Plugin

To install and configure the free version of ICS Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, click Plugins on the left-hand navigation bar, then click Add New, and then search for the “ICS Calendar” plugin. Install it and activate it.
  2. Configure the settings for ICS Calendar as you like.
  3. To insert a calendar display on a page or page component, use the following “shortcode”:

[ics_calendar url="" title="Show Calendar" eventdesc="true" linktitles="true" view="month" toggle="true"]

You can change the value of the title attribute to whatever title you want to appear above the calendar.

linktitles="true" means that the name of each performance in the calendar, when clicked, will take the user to the Audience1st store page pre-filled to get tickets for that performance. If you omit this, the link will not be clickable.

eventdesc="true" shows the brief description of the show (as entered on the “Show Details” page for that show in Audience1st) as part of the calendar entry when hovered over. Omit this to display only the show name with no description.

See the ICS Calendar Settings within your WordPress dashboard for other options and views and to change its visual styling (fonts, colors, etc.)

Using The Events Calendar plugin

To install and configure the pro version of “The Events Calendar” (pro version is required for importing and displaying the Audience1st feed)

(Instructions coming soon)