Deleting a Production

Deleting a production removes all information about the show from the system permanently. Deleting a production is rare, and the most common situation where you’d want to delete a production is if you made a serious mistake while setting up the production and you wish to start over.

You cannot delete a production from the system if any performances have been set up for the show. To delete a production where performances have already been created, first see this article for how to cancel all of the performances of the production you wish to delete. If tickets have already been sold to any performances, those patrons will need to have their orders canceled or their reservations moved to another show.

Once the production you wish to delete has no performances in the system, simply click the Season tab, select the correct season, and then click the red Delete button to the right of the production you wish to delete. This operation cannot be undone, and no history of the production will remain in the system after deletion.