Check Subscribers In Without Reservations

Sometimes a subscriber will show up to a performance without having made a reservation. Or perhaps the patron has an unused comp or open single ticket that is valid for the performance. If seats are available for the performance, you can make the appropriate reservation for the patron and check them in. The process is slightly different for general admission and reserved seating performances.

General Admission Performances

If a patron shows up to a performance without having made a reservation and seats are available, you can quickly make a reservation and check them in all in one step from the Front of House tab. Simply click the Reservations button and start typing the patron’s name into the “Check in Subscriber Without Advance Reservation” search field.

Click on the patron’s name, and a list of unused vouchers belonging to the patron that are valid for this performance will appear. Check the box beside each voucher you want to reserve and check in, and then click the Confirm button. The patron’s party is now fully checked in and their vouchers are marked as used. The patron will be able to see that they used their vouchers by going to their “My Tickets” page.

Reserved Seating Performances

Checking a patron in without a reservation for a reserved seating performance is more complicated than for a general admission performance because seats must be selected.

To do this you will first need to leave the Front of House tab and make a reservation on behalf of the patron. After the patron has a reservation, you can return to the Front of House tab and check them in normally.